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Position Details: HR Administrator

Location: Kampala, Kampala Central Division
Openings: 1
Salary Range: 2-3 million



A Client in the Service Industry is seeking to hire a competent HR Administrator reporting to the Partner in Charge (PIC).



The HR Administrator is responsible for all the administrative aspects of the human resources function and will report to the Partner-in-Charge (PIC) of the office through the Internal Services Officer.


Supervise recruitments
o Identify recruitment needs with each department and coordinate the recruitment process with the PIC.
o Organise for interviews in conjunction with the interview panel.
o Ensure that the interview forms are correctly used and completed. 
o Ensure that selection is finalised with approval of respective Partner/Director and the PIC.
o Ensuring that the Employment Contract is issued and finalisation of the recruitment for each of the            candidates recruited including opening a personnel file, ensuring that all relevant documents, in line          with the Staff Handbook, are obtained including the background checks and references.
o Ensuring that all staff undergo an induction process in line with the Staff Handbook, are familiar with the firms’ policies including the Staff Handbook, Quality Assurance and Risk Containment, Ethics and                Independence and Anti-Bribery and sign the Independence Declaration Form on joining.
General administration duties
o Maintain and update all staff records in personnel files (background records, personal information            sheet, results of qualifications, employment contract, independence forms, training records, leave            records, letters of promotion & increment, warning letters, termination letters, etc). 
o Prepare and issue all letters to staff as directed by the PIC.
o Monitor staff attendance and staff absence and report on the same to the PIC on a monthly basis.
o Organise staff get-togethers.
o Effectively deal with staff grievances as a first point of contact.
o Ensure compliance of all staff with the Staff Handbook, Quality Assurance and Risk Containment, Ethics and Independence and Anti-Bribery Policies.
Monitor qualifications and CPD
o Monitor the progress staff have made in achieving their CPD requirements and following up with those having a shortfall.
o Monitor progress of staff undertaking professional qualifications.
Staff development & evaluation duties
o Co-ordinate, filing and analysing the performance appraisals - periodic and year-end; job-by-job audit evaluations.
o Ensure rewards/increments awarded are effected.
o Prepare the annual training plan together with the respective partners responsible for each of the service lines. 
o Organise staff trainings together with the training partner.
Termination and exit of staff
o Supervise the exit of terminated staff. 
o Ensure proper handover. 
o Conduct exit interviews with the PIC.
Any other HR issues.
Carrying out any other administrative duties as assigned.


1. Managing the staff portfolio from a HR perspective including ensuring that staff are productively engaged on a daily basis and reporting any exception to the PIC.   
2. Demonstrating a positive, confident and decisive attitude in communicating with staff and partners.
3. Ensuring that the job-by-job, quarterly, bi-annual and annual evaluations are done for the required staff and any areas of improvement are communicated to the staff.
4. Ensuring that staff records are maintained in a master sheet comprising of staff details, leave records and counselling information. 
5. Ensuring that the counselling framework is being adhered to and the counsellors are holding the required sessions with the counselees and reporting this to the PIC on a quarterly basis.
6. Ensuring the training plan developed for each office is implemented and that a specific training/counselling plan is developed for each staff member based on their evaluation.
7. Ensuring that all staff have met their continuous professional development (CPD) requirements.
8. Producing reports in a timely manner for the partner including the monthly lateness and absence report, monthly, quarterly and annual productivity reports and monthly, quarterly and annual training reports.
9. Demonstrating commitment to self-improvement by implementing a personal development plan.
10. Identifying and communicating HR issues in a timely and organised manner, and escalating this to the ISO/PIC.

Deadline for application is 26 October 2018

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